For as long as I can think I've been fascinated by music. As I child I learned to play the piano and later on the drums. Obsessed with rhythm & groove the drums quickly became my heart and soul instrument. I played in ensembles, bands and orchestras, exploring anything there was to know about playing different styles and genres and how to play together with other people.
When I grew older yet graduation from school was still far on the horizon, the love for music still hadn't left me, so I decided it was time to think about making music my profession. I started preparing for music conservatory and as all worked out as intended, in 2016, I began to study music for a teaching profession. I quickly felt at home at the Folkwang University of Arts (Essen, Germany) where I developed my jazz drum skills and widened my knowledge about classical and contemporary music. I also began to study biology and educational sciences at University Duisburg-Essen (Essen, Germany) the very same year.
I always had a strong interest in music production and kept developing my skills alongside my studies in the following years. Through various different projects, some serious, some just to goof around, I had the chance to learn about engineering, producing, mixing and mastering. Paired with everything I learned at university about composition, arrangement and how to write for certain instruments I quickly developed a sense of 'good sound' and always tried to improve my productions with the limited resources I had as a student.
My recording and producing passion grew so much over the last few years, that I improved significantly in everything I did. I upgraded my gear a lot during that time, always trying to only buy what would really aid me in improving my work. In late 2020 I started yet another course of studies (pop-composition) at the ICEM (institute for computer music and electronic media) of the Folkwang University of Arts to further develop what I grew to love the most about the past 5 years. I'm excited to find out where the journey goes from here. I'm not gonna stop making music in some form, that's for sure.

since 2016 // 
bachelor of arts programm in music (main instrument: jazz drums) for a teaching profession // @Folkwang University of Arts
since 2016 // 
bachelor of arts programm in biology for a teaching profession and educational sciences // @University Duisburg-Essen
since 2018 // 
freelance drummer, producer, artist & mixing engineer
since 2018 // 
teaching drums // @Klostermusikschule (Oberhausen, Germany)
since 2019 // 
teaching drums & piano // @TiMo's Musikschule (Herne, Germany)
since 2020 // 
bachelor of arts programm in pop-composition // @ICEM of the Folkwang University of Arts
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